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I Slept With My Husband-To-Be’s Best Friend – Do I Have To Tell?

Wednesday – Reader Question of the Week


Q: I am really not sure what to do?!  I am getting married next week.  My husband’s best friend since they were 5 is the best man.  He is a great guy and so is my husband to be.  The horrible thing is I slept with his best friend but before we were engaged. <!–more–> It was when I was dating my husband (3 years ago), but we weren’t living together yet.  I got really drunk at a party one night (my husband to be) was away, and his best friend came over and it just happened.  We did it 3 times over the next month and promised we would keep this a secret.  We never told anyone.  We agreed we had to stop for obvious reasons.  It was just a fun thing and didn’t mean a thing.  My husband means the world to me.  His friend also means the world to him.  I don’t want to lose him and I don’t want him to lose his friend.  Do I have to tell?  I have been feeling really guilty about it lately. – Guilty,  Miami, Fl.

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