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Lemon Sunshine: Megan & Justin’s Yellow Wedding

A Newport Beach wedding filled with sunny joy and smiles

When I spotted Megan and Justin’s sweet and sunny wedding on OneWed, it instantly made me smile. Everything about this adorable young couple and their wedding just screams *fun*! From the bright and whimsical lemon blossom bouquets to the sunny textile prints of the tablecloths, this is a feel-good party with charm to spare. Talented up-and-coming photo Alicia Danielle captured every detail.

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Carly & Kyle’s Gorgeously Green Vegan Wedding

An eco-beautiful affair in Pennsylvania shows off a special couple’s green values.

This incredible green wedding is best described in the words of the beautiful bride, Carly: “We really wanted our wedding to be a celebration of love and a joining of all facets of our family as well as a good representation of who we are as people. We wanted our care for animals and the environment to shine througha bit without being overt. Our favorite part of the day was having a celebration that was representative of us as a couple and something that paid tribute to our beliefs and brought people together in a meaningful, fun way. We were both so happy to marry our best friend.” <!–more–>

With photos by the lovely and talented Carina Romano of Love Me Do Photography, who will be appearing at the uber-cool Lovesick Wedding Expo on January 9th, this is one of the sweetest green weddings we’ve ever seen. Thanks to Carly, Kyle and Carina for sharing!




The bride and groom made the placecards themselves from locally grown apples. So lovely!



All of the wedding’s flowers were local and in season…and beautiful!




While the ceremony was of no particular religious affiliation, the couple included Quaker touches such as the handmade wedding certificate that was signed by each and every wedding guest.




The wedding arch that the couple stood under to be married was handmade by Carly’s step-dad out of wood from her parents’ backyard.


The couple saved on paper programs by creating a chalkboard wedding program instead.


Wedding favors were locally grown basil plants, hand-potted by the bride and groom!



Carly and Kyle also created their own centerpieces from rustic wooden pots and kale plants.




The entire menu, including the beautiful wedding cake below, was vegan. Having a vegan wedding, or incorporating vegan and vegetarian dishes, helps the environment because meat production is energy-intensive and damaging to the environment. It can also save you money, and look and taste as great as a conventional menu!



Thanks again to Carina Romano of Love Me Do Photography for sharing this fantastic green wedding with Recycled Bride!

5 Ways to Make Your Wedding Greener

Tuesday Treat

1. The Ring

Whether it be a family heirloom, a vintage piece, or another gemstone, the ring is one of the most important parts of your engagement. It is the delicate piece that is with you as a daily reminder of the love you have found. There are many options for green rings. We love this delicate vintage piece we found on Tradesy Weddings. <!–more–>


2. The Dress

Equally as important as the ring, your wedding dress is what makes you feel the most beautiful on your special day. Finding the perfect dress to make you feel  beautiful can be a challenge. Instead of fighting the mass markets to find that overpriced, over worn piece, try a vintage or gently used option. There are so many beautiful dresses and not only is it a green option, it leaves a ton of green in your wallet!

Look at this entire section on Vera Wang on Tradesy Weddings!

3. The Venue

There are so many beautiful and extravagant venues across the globe, but equally as many beaches, state parks, local parks, and lakes. With the fees from these site rentals going right back into the community, it is a win-win for a beautiful and literally green wedding! We loved these venues!


Sunset Cliffs, San Diego


Yosemite National Park


Central Park, New York

4. The Memories

Rather than have those cheesy throw away cameras at every table and then have to actually find somewhere, most likely expensive, to get the film processed… (Where can you even do that these days?) Why not opt for a social wedding!

With each persons email RSVP, you can add them to a Flickr account where they can share their own images from their camera phones, everyone has one, even Grandpa!   This is great because every guest can see what was going on across the room while they were drinking champagne! This is also a great way for your brides friends and grooms friends to interact and form an entire network of new friends all thanks to your beautiful wedding!

5. The Gifts

With so much excess involved with weddings, why not take a moment to give back to a local charity or when registering for your gifts, opt for a greener option. There are so many possibilities and some of our favorites include: a local produce subscription, eco friendly products from stores you are registered at, or this foundation we found that donates a portion of all gift purchases to your chosen cause,  I Do Foundation.

We hope these tips were helpful to you earth conscious brides and we wish you the best on your wonderful wedding day!

Alicia Silverstone’s Top Tips For an Eco- Friendly Wedding

Eco-Friendly Tips From Alicia

Wedding season is upon us! For those out those out there looking to have a more eco-friendly wedding day, vegan lifestyle guru Alicia Silverstone offers you some ways to do just that (and recounts her own special day). <!–more–> She shares the details, a video, and photos on her website The Kind Life (

To read/see pics and Alicia’s tips click HERE-

49986_alb_xlarge_410x600_64327_1339004677By her own admission, Alicia was a little “nutty” while planning her wedding. Her focus was not only on creating delicious vegan food that all her guests would enjoy, but also on making sure every aspect of her wedding, from decorations to the location were as eco-friendly as possible. Alicia and her husband Christopher even danced on a reclaimed wood dance floor that was specially made for their wedding. Alicia now admits that it might not have been the most eco-friendly idea she ever had.

Alicia’s blog on shows an album of beautiful photos from a her mother-in-law’s wedding decades ago. Alicia is inspired by the 1950’s vintage bridesmaid dresses, and suggests readers use these photos to inspire them further.

Plus a friend’s wedding Alicia recently attended in Camarillo. With caring for the planet in mind and a beautiful setting by a lake, this wedding used rustic wood planters and wildflowers to decorate the already gorgeous outdoor venue. Alicia suggests that picking a naturally beautiful venue will help cut down on the need to use other non-eco friendly decorations.

All of the details of the green wedding are available at:

We would love to know – You don’t need to be a celebrity to have some amazing wedding tips.  What are your ideas for an eco-friendly wedding?

I Found Out My Husband Cheated Years Ago. Do I Forgive?

Reader Question Wednesday


So my husband and I have been married 8 years and about 2 years ago we were in a real rough patch and considering getting divorced.  We decided to work really hard at it, got marriage counseling and are happy, have a new baby and are back in love. <!–more–> He recently  confessed to cheating on me during this time and I thought I could put it past me.  Even though I know where we are at now he never would, I am not sure I can get over this?

Hope To Get Past It, Chicago, IL.

My Husband’s A Sex Addict?!!! Is That Still Cheating?

Wednesday – Reader Question


T- shirt by Zazzle and available at

I am not really sure what I am going to do.  I have been married for about 1 year and my husband sat me down and confessed to me he is an official sex addict.  Our sex life has always been normal – in a very good healthy way so this is a  bit of a shock. <!–more–>  Now what that means is about 2 days a week he goes and has sex with meaningless women – many are complete strangers and sometimes more than one in that day (always protected – THANK GOD!!! my first question of course!) He finally confessed and said he has joined a 12 step program.  He said he is willing to do coupled therapy, personal therapy – ANYTHING to fix this in himself.  He said it is a disease he is working on and to please not consider it”cheating”.  He asked (actually begged)  me to stand by him as he gets help and gets “cured”.   Is the fact he told me and is determined to get better worth staying with him as he works it out (like alcoholism) or is this just plain cheating and I need to RUN?

Devastated. Columbus, Ohio

We Waited For Sex Until We Were Married – He’s TERRIBLE!

Reader Question of The Week – He’s Bad In Bed

I was with my husband for 2 years before we got married.  We are both pretty romantic and fairly religious so we decided to wait until we were married to have sex.  <!–more–> He is a bit more religious than me so he was a virgin.  I still take sex very seriously and had only had one sexual partner (a very serious boyfriend I was madly in love with and thought I would marry one day).  I was very young so that one didn’t work out.  Anyway, once I met my husband I realized he was the man of my dreams.  He’s really perfect in every way – well almost.  We waited until the first night of our honeymoon for sex and he is terrible!  I thought it was his first time so I would give it some time.  We are back home – it has been a month.  Well, he’s still terrible.  I don’t want to talk about it and make him insecure?! Or should I??  Any advice.

Very Frustrated, Kentucky

I Knowingly Married The Wrong Guy

Tuesday Treat


We all knowingly don’t pick our first choice everything for our wedding.  Maybe we compromise on the location so our family and childhood friends don’t have to all spring for hotel and airline tickets or we know while we always dreamed of green bridesmaid dresses we know green looks horrible on hubby to be’s sister.  However this is as big a compromise as one could make on their wedding. <!–more–>  Is anyone who is planning their second wedding now able to identify?  - READ MORE.