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What do you think of Oprah’s new ‘do, debuting on the cover of this month’s O magazine? <!–more–>


We love this look so much. It inspires women with African-American hair to celebrate its natural beauty (or, um…replicate its natural beauty with a wig, like Oprah). And there’s just something about big hair in any form that’s slimming, sexy, and lets out your inner wild child.

Will you be teasing up your ‘fro like the great Ms. O?

Are You a “Honeymoonster”?

A Honeymoonster is the new post-Bridezilla nightmare — a newlywed who relentlessly edits and manages the legacy of their wedding day even after it’s over. <!–more–>

A term coined by The Cut, “Honeymoonster” gives us a word to describe those who endlessly rehash their weddings on Facebook, and control the story of their big day by placing constraints and rules around what can be published on their guests’ social networks.

It's over, girl. Time to move on.

It’s over, girl. Time to move on.

After planning your big day for so long, it can be hard to let go of the impulse to organize, manage, and control every last detail. Plenty of brides (and grooms!) go through post-wedding blues; an existential crisis prompted by the absence of the stress, excitement, and attention that fill the days leading up to a wedding. But once that party is over, your guests are no longer “yours” to entertain. It’s time to let go, move on, and allow people to enjoy their memories of your wedding however they see fit. Even if it means being tagged in that pic where your husband is smushing cake in your hair.

Do you know a Honeymoonster, or are you – gasp! — one of them? Let it go, lady. Find a new project, do some charity work, sell your wedding dress. A Tradesy woman embraces change and knows that letting go of one thing makes room for another. What will be your next great thing?

Wedding Trend: Burlap


With over 2 million weddings in the US every year, it can get tricky to find a way to make your big day special. At Tradesy Weddings, we not only want to help make your wedding dream fit your budget, but we also want to inspire you to show your personality through the details of your wedding. With this in mind, every week, we will be showcasing a variety of trends and ideas, all of which can be found in items on our site. We hope these posts can help you find a way to make your wedding day uniquely your own!

While typically linked to cowboys and farmers, this week’s focus is on something that has recently been making its mark on the wedding scene- burlap! More and more, brides have been ditching their classic, white silk in exchange for burlap’s rustic chic look.


Burlap can be used in several ways, from the ceremony to the reception. Draping burlap sashes on the backs of chairs, using burlap-covered wooden table numbers, hanging burlap bunting throughout your venue, and using candles and mason jars wrapped in burlap as centerpieces are all ways to incorporate this cool look into your wedding. You can also have a burlap guest book, a burlap-lined ring bearer pillow, and burlap-wrapped flower bouquets to add to this rustic feel. Want to keep it simple? Use burlap by itself as an aisle runner, tableclothtable overlay, or table runner. No matter how you spin it, burlap is a versatile material that will definitely add some charm to your wedding.

Do you know anyone that has used burlap in their wedding decor? Let us know what you think of this trend in a comment below. Or if you used the trend in your own wedding and would like to have it featured, email!


Hello, I love you…

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With lots of big projects, and deadlines quickly approaching, the Tradesy tech boys were getting a bit grumpy! We decided to soothe their nerves with the one thing every man loves: burgers. Lucky for us, Umami Burger, LA’s best kept secret, is conveniently located down the street and BONUS, just happens to be inside of Fred Segal. Cher moment anyone? <!–more–>

The burgers were taking forever so we decided to do some “Window Shopping”. A few purchases later, we got to the sunglasses counter. There they were…these incredible Thierry Lasry shades. We. died. It was only a matter of seconds before Sam and I were literally wrestling for the shades over the counter. We will let you decide who the winner was in this little shopping battle…

Now for some info on this fab designer: Lasry is an emerging French designer who uses vintage and new materials to create avant-garde eyewear that makes our hearts pitter-patter.

Sam and I don’t normally love the same things, but today we went halfsies on a pair of Lasrys. As it turns out, we’re in good company: Check out all the fab celebs who love them too…


For Simplicity’s Sake…


Planning a wedding is an exciting time, but it can also turn stressful fast for even the most calm and collected person. Between the time of the proposal and when you say “I do”, there are a million things that need to be planned out. SimpleRegistry takes one of the tasks on your agenda, the wedding registry, off your hands in a cool and innovative way. <!–more–> Rather than restricting your registration to your local Macy’s, this cool site allows you more flexibility in customizing your registry to fit your personality.


By using SimpleRegistry, you can register any item from any store or service that you want, including non-traditional stuff like flying lessons or concert tickets. The site also takes the issue of cost off your mind- you can list expensive items and have guests contribute small amounts toward the total price. The whole process is simple and fun and includes an app to load pictures or barcodes of desired items, a professionally-curated Instant Registry, and a SimpleAdder tool to quickly add items from any site.

On top of all this, because SimpleRegistry redeems your gifts by transferring your money or sending you checks, they’ve got your back for gifts that you changed your mind about or are just not that into. They also generate a guest list to help you out with the daunting task of writing Thank You notes.


Sara and Rush used SimpleRegistry to help fuel their adventurous lifestyles. They registered for things like multi-day hiking packs and a water purifier that they then carried along with them on a trip through four different European countries. They also registered for photography and pottery pieces from their favorite stores, a personalized option that a traditional registry wouldn’t have allowed for. Visit the Real Members section to read more from other couples who have used SimpleRegistry for their wedding needs.

SimpleRegistry has also just introduced an exciting giveaway in which one lucky couple will receive a $5,000 credit toward their SimpleRegistry if they register between January 1, 2013 and April 30, 2013. Check out the images below for some gift registry inspiration and visit SimpleRegistry’s website to start your registration process!





An Alberta Wedding with Cultural Charm

When Mona and Bassim tied the knot at the Art Gallery of Alberta in Canada, they wanted to represent their cultural backgrounds in their special day. They held a traditional Persian ceremony and their reception was marked by several Egyptian wedding customs.  <!–more–> Following an ancient Persian ritual, they were wed in front of a spread of symbolic items, such as family heirlooms, honey, and apples. Mona’s friends then showered them with sugar flakes from a silk lace fabric held above their heads. For the reception, they switched to the Egyptian side of things, starting off with a traditional Zaffa entrance that included bagpipes, drums, belly dancers, and men carrying swords. Talk about an exciting entrance! Check out the photos below to see more of Mona and Bassim’s beautiful wedding!





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Mona, whose company Birds & Honey event planning was behind the entire wedding concept and design, also worked to include many DIY elements in the wedding. She used vintage mason jars and vases for their gorgeous rose and carnation flower displays. Her company also designed the simple yet special ceremony programs. Mona’s aunt in Iran even hand-made an elegant veil for her to wear!


Although the day turned out wonderfully, Mona acknowledged that the entire process got stressful at times. Her words of advice for future brides to be? Being ok with everything not turning out perfectly AND making sure to have at least one date night a week without any wedding talk!

A Romantic Vintage Backyard Wedding

Three of the wedding industry’s most creative pros make a backyard floral fantasyland

When floral designer Kate Holt of Flowerwild, wedding planner Rebecca Stone of Duet Weddings, and uber-talented photographer Jessica Claire collaborated on this fantasy bridal shoot in Hollywood, CA, their talents for unique styling and creative design really sparkled! <!–more–> The trio got together with the idea of creating an inspirational backyard setting for an intimate wedding with grace, subtle details, and unexpected romantic touches.

The model/bride’s vintage wedding dress was discovered by Kate at Unique Vintage, and set its handmade flower appliques, french lace, and beautiful detailing set the tone for the day.





This breathtakingly unique bridal bouquet is made of huckleberry, french anemones, and sword fern, and clasped with a fern frond brooch. It’s not symmetrical or traditional, yet it looks completely fresh and classic.





The table was dressed with depression-era glass containers in dusty rose and amber colors. There was scattered pomegranates and sugar-dusted fruit scattered within and in-between the arrangements, giving the table a decadent and romantic feeling.



Each place setting featured vintage napkins and a tiny paper heart topped with a pair of sugar-dusted cherries















The luscious desserts were created by Joy the Baker.













Note: This shoot was first featured on Green Wedding Shoes, and the full catalog of images can be viewed on Jessica Claire’s blog >>

What Would You Do If Your Best Friend Was Too Busy To Help Out or Attend Your Wedding?

Reader Question: Should She Confront Her Best Friend For Ditching On The Big Day? bride-with-maid-of-honor_brad-ross

I was just married this past Sunday to the man of my dreams in my parents’ backyard. It was a very tiny event, mostly just family. My best friend and I have known each other since we were 4 years old. I had given her and two other best friends projects to work on for the wedding to help me out. Two weeks before the wedding, she isn’t answering any of my calls/emails/texts. <!–more–> Then 3 days before the wedding she finally texts me and apologizes for being absorbed in her own world and that she can’t make it to the wedding, she doesn’t even mention the project I tasked her. Let me repeat that: “…she texts me…” While I love her to bits, I feel very disappointed that she couldn’t even pick up the phone to call her best friend, but I understand that everyone gets busy in their own lives. Should I confront her and tell her how she made me feel or just let it go?

Hurt in Houston, TX

Have a question? Email liz (at) recycledbride (dot) come

Kjerstin Gruys Avoids Mirrors a Year Before Her Wedding!

We found this article about Kjerstin Gruys committing to avoiding mirrors the year before her wedding. <!–more–>  She has an entire blog documenting this experience and she said that she did this as a sociology experiment that she was working on as well as for her own personal issues with self image. You can read the entire story HERE.

Screen shot 2012-08-17 at 3.43.14 PMsam

We love this dress on her and love how moving her story was. Do you have any stories about leading up to your wedding? We love hearing from you! Email us at samantha (at) recycledmediainc (dot) com. XOXO