A Recycled Bridal Shower

An easy-peasy and affordable green celebration for the bride!

Whether you’re the bride, a ‘maid or a mom, throwing a bridal shower can be fun, eco-friendly, and inexpensive with a few easy tips and tricks. <!–more–>

Mix and match vintage china - Images via ZenadiaDesign.com

Mix and match vintage china – Images via ZenadiaDesign.com

Start with mix and match vintage china from local thrift shops. I was recently able to create an entire dinner setting, complete with glasses and cutlery for 18 people, for under $30. That’s even less than disposables would cost, with none of the waste! And if you have some time to scavenge, you’ll find plenty of beautiful one-of-a-kind plates, bowls and glasses. After the shower, you can gift the entire set to the bride, or donate it back to a thrift shop that benefits a charity you like.

Want more great tips for creating an eco-classy bridal shower on the cheap? Check out the rest of this post on OneWed >>

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